Emo Haircuts For Boys

Emo Haircuts For BoysDo you have to go to a salon in order to get one of these haircuts done? You certainly do not have to go to a hair salon. In fact, if you have a friend and a pair of your little sisters scissors, then you will be able to achieve this look. This is even better for boys, because they do not like going to salons in order to get their hair cut and styles. With these haircuts, there is no one said haircut, which is a major plus side to it all. Gone are the days when you had to copy the hair on the popular guy in school. With EMO, you are free to do whatever you please.

With this style, you are free to make it however you want it. Believe it or not, there are some pretty popular boys out there that have these type of cuts.

One side is longer than the other... When you cut your locks in this style, you do not have to worry about the hair being even. In fact, lots of lovely layers will look even better. If your hair is not the same length on each side, then that is even better.

Speaking in length, boys, you can make your hair whatever length you want it to be. However, we believe a medium length would be the best.

When you have a medium length, there is so much you will be able to do with it. Letting your hair grow out a bit before you get your emo style is a great idea, this way you will have a big foundation to work with.

Emo haircuts have been around for many years. In fact, we remember when we was a teenager sitting in our room doing our very own cut. Yes, we did the cut alone and we also dyed it alone, without any help from a friend. We did platinum blonde (achieved through dye you can buy in the store), then the next week, we put some colorful streaks through it.

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