Frank Iero’s Emo Hair Style

Frank Iero is the rhythm guitarist of My Chemical Romance and is noted for being one of the cutest emos on the scene. His hair style has influenced many emos across the world and rightly so as it really suits him.

 Frank Iero’s Emo Hair Style

Unfortunately Frank is extremely accident prone and has suffered countless injuries over the years. In 2006 it was reported that Gerard Way had smashed a bar stool over his head in an argument over who was the sexiest member of the band. In the alleged incident Iero lost nearly half of his teeth and refused to tour for 5 months as he didn”t want to look like the Pogues singer Shane McGowan while onstage.

He is infamous for hating My Chemical Romance’s fanbase. In one on-stage outburst in Oklahoma he called the entire audience “grubby whores of Babylon” before urinating all of the venue’s P.A. His outburst cost the band over $25,000 on fines and an estimated $5 million in record sales from disgusted fans who refused to buy any of the bands records.

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