Look Returns With Punk Emo Hairstyles

Look Returns With Punk Emo HairstylesThis style has taken hair to a whole new art form, allowing individualism through creative expression. Best of all it can come in either short or long styles providing maximum flexibility and easier care, depending on the type of hair one has to work with.

The shorter style comes in a spiky cut with extremely long bangs that hang slightly over the face and off to one side. One eye is generally covered completely which provides a persona that, when highlighted with streaks, says much about the individual. When bright colors are added it takes on a more punk appearance, but when just highlighted it will fit in with any setting. As a result, many opt to apply clip-in natural hair streaks in bright colors for the perfect club look.

For those who prefer to sport the longer version, a shaggy cut enhances the darker color of the base and serves as a frame for the face. Although it has the traditional emo bang, which identifies this style, the straight, layered cut makes it not only versatile, but also classy. Both males and females wear both the long and short version with bangs that identify it as an emo hairstyle.

The fringed bangs are easier to achieve if the hair is already straight, but for those with wavy, frizzy, or curly locks the look can also be pulled off with newer products on the market designed specifically for those wishing to achieve this look. Taming wild tresses can be a challenge, but new smoothing lotions and hair gels are now available to ensure this hairstyle turns out perfect every time it's worn.

Many create the perfect foundation by selecting a black or dark brown base then adding highlights of blond, bronze, or other colors. The bangs set this style apart and are often accents with streaks of red or purple. Depending on the type of look one wishes to achieve, colors and length can make all the difference.

This style is seen not only in high schools and in Hollywood, but also in corporate offices, although in a more sedate fashion. Often at this level the shorter style is worn and there will be significantly fewer additional colors added. When combined with a three-piece suit it can generate a very powerful image.

The true punk emo hairstyles are versatile, just like those who choose this cut. As a result, changing the look periodically by adding streaks, highlights, or colors will not only provide many options, but will also keep others appraised of the wearer's current mindset. Professionals are now well-versed in achieving this look and the easy to maintain style keeps those sporting it ready for whatever event comes up.

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