Short Razor Cut Hairstyles

Short Razor Cut HairstylesThe Basics of Razor Cut Hairstyles:
If you are new to razor cut hairstyles, let me first get to the basics! For such hairdos, a hairstylist uses a sharp razor that is almost like a knife to style the hair. These razors are used to add texture and style specifically to straight hair. For this hairstyle, it is very necessary the hairstylist should invest in a good knife-like razor. Generally, a stylist uses the razor at a particular angle to get the desired look. This can either give a choppy look or one can create soft layers. This would also depend upon the tool used; one can go in for the straight edged razor or the razor comb.

The beauty of Short Razor Cut Hairstyles:
Short hair are basically preferred by the working woman as it does not require too much maintenance and all the pampering! Therefore short razor cut hairstyles are very much in demand because they rate high on the style factor. There are various ways you can use to style any short hairstyle with the help of a razor and turn it into something completely different!

Are you looking to try something funky? You can add some flicks to your short hairstyle. Use the razor to create few layers, from the shortest flick to the medium layer. The razor cut bangs or flicks can be swept to the side. This adds an extremely stylish look to the entire hairstyle! Add few layers at the back if you wish to have more volume for your hair. Use some hair spray if your hair does not really stay in place.

If you think short razor cuts are a bit too angular and sharp then you can use a few tricks to soften the edges. In that case, ask your stylist to create soft layers around the crown area and frame the layers around the face; a useful tip over here would be to curl the edges inward for the dainty damsel look! Bangs would be needed over here, but keep them longer towards the front area. Long asymmetrical bangs in the front will look really sophisticated and can be styled in various ways as per the occasion!

Short razor cut hairstyles need not always mean the straight and tidy look! For girls willing to try something different, they can go in for the messy or tousled edges look. For such a look, use the razor to cut through the mid-lengths of the hair and trim the edges. Keep the bangs to one side. Add more texture to the sides and heavy layers at the back. Get the stylist to turn the edges towards the outside so that it adds additional movement to the entire hairstyle.

Short razor cut hairstyles can even don the bold look for the party animal in you! To add more spunk, cut the top area of the hair really short. Keep the sides long so that the strands kiss your cheeks gently. Keep the backside of your hair short like the crown area. This will bring more attention to the bangs that frame your face. This will surely cause quite a few guys to sit up and take notice!

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