Ways to Style Short Hair

Ways to Style Short HairBraids
One of the most stylish ways to style short hair is to make two braids, at both the sides of the head, and then join them together in the middle, either at the back of the head or even on top of the head, if the hair is very small.

If you are looking for some cute ways to style short hair, then this is the one for you. You can make pigtails at various places o your head and later tie them up with colored bands, to make it look funky. Read more on cute hairstyles for short hair.

Gamine Crop
With the famous celebrity Victoria Beckham supporting it every now and then, gamine crop is quite an in thing these days. Of course, you have to be really secure about your femininity to support such a hairstyle, as it can look very boyish at times. Once you get yourself a gamine crop, you can style it with a pomade or a wax to make it look stylish.

Hair Color
A simple way to have fun with your short hair is to color them in off beat colors such as cherry, magenta and spruce green. If you think that you are not ready for such an experimentation, you can color the tips of your hair with these hair colors, instead of the whole hair. If you do not want to get your hair colored at all, you can try a temporary colored gel or even a mascara color to color your hair tips. Read more on hair color ideas for short hair.

If you have a Saturday night planned out with your friends at a disc or have your prom coming up, then you can give your short hair a new look by wearing jazzy hair accessories. You can make use of golden or silver colored, different shaped barrettes, bows or whatever quirky hair accessories that you can lay your hands on.

One of the easy ways to style short hair is to part it in different ways. If you support a middle partition, part your hair side ways and vice versa. If you are in a mood to experiment with your hair, you can make different partings at the same time in your hair, one side ways, one in lower hair, one behind each ear, and then use a pomade and hair pins to keep it intact this way.

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