William Roy Francis – Great EMO Hair, Mad Mind

 William Roy Francis – Great EMO Hair, Mad Mind

Wil Francis is the main singer and songwriter for the popular Emo band Aiden. His hair isn’t in the traditional emo style, taking on more of a gothic appearance much like Marilyn Manson.

He is best known for his plot to launch a massacre on the University District of Seattle in retalliation for years of bullying. Apparently as a child preps would routinely make his life hell by calling him “fatty” and taking photographs of him whilst he was trying to take a dump. Pictures exist from this era of a young Wil Francis cowering helplessly in a cubicle in his old school and the singer has tried unsuccessfully to have them removed from cyberspace.

He cannot play bass guitar and instead uses the instrument as a prop “to look cool” and to defend himself onstage from audience members, goths and lesbian members of the Roman Catholic Church.

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